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Why Hire a Professional DJ?

With today’s economy, many couples are looking for ways to economize on the cost of their wedding reception, party or event. You may be wondering to yourself, “Why spend hundreds of dollars to employ a professional DJ company rather than hiring my friend, or a DJ from an online post, or just play a smartphone playlist, for less?” But keep in mind that just like choosing a photographer, dress designer, or cake performer, hiring a DJ is not always an “apples to apples” comparison. While you might pay less for the services of an amateur, you are not buying an equivalent service as a seasoned professional! Differences in atmosphere, style, guest engagement, professionalism and general competency can have an enormous impact on the success of your event! The abilities of your DJ will determine how your once-in-a-lifetime reception experience is for yourself and your guests – whether your dance floor stays packed all night long or everyone leaves early. We caution you against just going for the lowest bidder for your event entertainment.

In Toronto, hiring top DJs can cost between $150 and $450 per hour, depending on their popularity, experience, and demand. Additional factors such as event type, performance duration, and special requests can also influence rates.

Investing in the best DJs ensures a memorable experience due to their extensive music libraries, crowd-reading abilities, and ability to keep guests entertained. While the best DJs come with a higher price tag, the quality of the service and the seamless music experience they provide is well worth the investment and here is why we should be your choice:


How much experience does the person have to run the equipment? Can they deal with public speaking and motivating a crowd? Can they use professional-grade equipment? An amateur DJ may not have enough knowledge to effectively use all those knobs and buttons to their best advantage or have the presence to really engage with the audience. The result may not be much greater than if you hooked up an iPod and hit Play.

New DJ/MCs will not have gone through a rigorous apprenticeship program, learning best practices from experienced professionals, on how to use the equipment effectively, how to scrutinize the acoustics, set-up proper lighting, keep the crowd happy and dancing, speak with proper diction, be tactful with guests and anticipate their needs and yours.

Peace of Mind and Good Memories

What do you want to be thinking about during your reception, party or event? Worrying whether your caterer knows it’s time to pour the champagne or if your photographer knows it’s time to cut the cake? Coordinating your reception rather than just dancing? Cheesy announcements? Bad timing and missed cues? Playing the wrong song version or poor quality? Hiring a professional DJ company allows you to relax and actually enjoy your party!


What would happen if your friend or amateur DJ became sick, had equipment failure, or transportation problems? With a professional company, replacement equipment and staff can be there!


Is the sound system a simple stereo? Will there be a microphone? A professional DJ company will utilize the right equipment and provide the right sound (and with a full package, great lighting too!)


How will your DJ dress? Will your DJ adhere to your requests list? Will your DJ be set-up and ready when the guests come? We arrive ahead of schedule and dress for your occasion, according to your preferences, typically in tuxedos, auxiliary black-tie evening wear, or similar event-appropriate attire.

When it comes to music variety, will your DJ stock all your favourite music? Newer music as well as the classics? Professional DJs have access to the latest music and catalogues of the tried and true classic hits for the masses of every age. Disc Jockeys Unlimited stays current with their music and has great DJ entertainers. If you have heard it on the radio or streaming from iTunes or Spotify, chances are we have it in our library. The majority of wedding guests will remember the entertainment at a wedding, so the quality and style of the DJ you choose can dramatically affect how both you and your guests enjoy and remember your special evening. Make the right choice!

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