Disc Jockeys Unlimited



1. Our ‘Open Communication Policy’ allows our clients to contact us by Email, Phone or Text Message: With this policy, we allow a 24 hour window for all communication. This means that if a client reaches out to us and is unable to make contact right away, we will respond within 24 hours. We understand the importance of constant contact and availability in order to maintain a stress-free client relationship.

2. We don’t just DJ, we can also help you plan your event to perfection: We are able to do this through not only the online planning tools available to each client, but also during our final meeting process. Each of our DJs is also trained in wedding etiquette and has strong customer service skills in order to help our clients create the best possible experience.

3. Our ability to ‘read the crowd’ and ensure everyone has an amazing time: We not only play great music for all ages, we make sure that we are mixing it up all night long and not just playing to certain groups in certain sections of the night. We will take requests from our clients and their guests, but we also make sure we remain constantly aware of, and take into account, the “vibe” and “flow” of the evening.

4. Cooperating with your other vendors to ensure good flow: We respect and work well with all other vendors responsible for each aspect of your event. Our team knows that everyone has a job to do. From the catering staff, to the photographers, and even the bartenders, we make sure everyone is in the loop of what events are taking place, and when, during the entire night. Yes, the DJ is an important part of coordinating the flow of activities throughout the evening to ensure that everyone is having a wonderful experience.

5. Our reputation: We already have a great reputation with previous clients and other wedding professionals.  The care and effort we put into weddings especially is what makes us so well-known and well-loved!