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Sam and Ben Wedding day!

Ivan was a dream to work with. He was so well organized and really took the time to understand the entire vibe of the wedding.
People were dancing all night! …”
Samantha Cooper – Madison Greenhouse Event Venue – Newmarket, ON


Simple Games / Ideas

1- Have some helium filled balloons at each table. Make sure that there is one balloon for each person at the table, before the balloons are filled place cards in the balloons. One winner card per table and the rest will read thank you for sharing our special day with us.  When the time comes the DJ will ask the guests to pop one balloon each.

2- Before the party begins, place a sticker under one chair at each table. When the time comes for the centerpieces to be given away the DJ will tell your guests to look under their chairs and the person with the sticker under their chair is the winner. (This is a good way to fix the outcome/with designated seating)

3-DJ will play some high energy music and instruct one person at each table to pick up a napkin. That person is then told to pass the napkin to their right when the music starts. The DJ will stop the music after a few minutes and then ask the guests to give the person holding the napkin a round of applause, as they are the winner of the centerpiece.

4-Supply each table with a bag of balloons (one for each person). All but one of the balloons will have a pin hole in it! The DJ/MC will then ask the guests take a balloon, and tell them that the first guest to blow up the balloon to 8” and tie it, wins the centerpiece.

Ivan was so great to work with! We really wanted a good dance floor at our wedding and that is exactly what we got! There was never a lull! Ivan looked into all the details, reached out directly to the venue to find out about the existing speakers and figured out how to make the sound better. Can’t recommend disc jockeys unlimited enough !
Rebecca & Greg Morrison – HOTEL OCHO – Toronto, ON

More Involved Games

5-Musical Money: The DJ will play on some upbeat music and ask one person at each table to take out a dollar bill. He will then instruct the guests to pass the dollar around the table, making the direction of the dollar bill change a few times, and then much like musical chairs, when the music stops, the action stops. The DJ will have the person holding the dollar bill stand up. The guests standing must now submit to a game of “Simon Says” (this is your chance to make your friends do some really crazy things!). After your guests have been put through the ringer, the DJ will say “Simon Says go back to your table. Simon says give the dollar back to the person who took it out of their wallet, because they are the person who wins the centerpiece!” Everyone will get a good laugh at the fact that the guests that did these silly things still did not get the centerpiece… makes for great photos as well!

6-Work Out: The DJ will instruct your guests to stand at their tables, push their chairs in, raise their left hand and place it on the shoulder of the person beside them. Then the DJ will then play Rasputin and ask your guests to go clockwise around the table, switching directions every few minutes. After a few minutes the DJ will stop the music and ask your guests to remain standing where they are. At this point he will ask the guests closest to the red and white bottles of wine to remain standing and all others to take their seats. The DJ will now instruct the person closest to the red bottle of wine to come out and stand on the left side of the dance floor, and the person closest to the white bottle of wine to come out and stand on the right side of the dance floor. The DJ will now organize a short fun dance competition between the two groups; dances could include the hokey pokey/twist/Macarena/slosh/YMCA… Once the song is done the DJ will either choose a winner, or ask the couple what their favorite wine is.

7-Keys & Pocket Change: The DJ will ask one guest at each table to produce a loonie or toonie and another to produce a set of keys. The DJ will then ask your guests to pass these two items around the table while the music plays, instructing those guests who do not have an item in their hand to clap. After a few minutes the DJ will stop the music and will ask the person with the set of keys to stand up, and will ask the guests for a round of applause. This guest is then instructed to pass the keys back to the person who produced them. The DJ will then ask the person who has the loonie/toonie to stand up and receive a round of applause because he/she is a winner but not of the centerpiece, only the loonie/toonie. Now the DJ will ask all the guests to give a big round of applause to the winner of the centerpiece, who is the person who supplied the loonie/toonie. 

8-Musical Keys: The DJ will ask your guests to stand up. He will then ask one person at each table to produce a set of keys. The DJ will then play some high energy music and ask your guests to pass the keys to their right. When the music stops the DJ will ask the person with the keys to take their seat and pass the keys to the person on their right and will then start the music again. The DJ will do this until there is only one person at the table (guests are told before hand to hold the keys up in the air and shake them if their table is done). The person with the keys is now congratulated on being the last person standing but is told that they are not the winner and is instructed to give the keys back to the person who volunteered them so that they can place the centerpiece in their car (the person who supplied the keys is the winner).

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