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Choosing the Right Music For Dinner

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 Many Brides and Grooms decide to leave the dinner music up to the Disc Jockey to play.

For those who already have an idea of what they would like to listen to during dinner it's best to review that with your DJ in advance as they may have some valuable input. If  the music your asking for during dinner  has been performed by more then one artist make sure to include the artists name when requesting the songs. Some artists may have also released several different versions of the songs so that can be something to watch out for as well. When in doubt and if it has to be that exact song played it may not be a bad idea to provide your DJ with the music. If you are providing music to your DJ it is suggested that you do this in advance to both give them time to review it and make sure that the format that you provided it in is compatible with whatever they are using to play music from. It's also best to be clear when  requesting the songs that these are songs to be played during dinner.

What is Dinner Music?

Dinner music is background music that is played from the end of cocktails till the end of dinner. .

How Loud Should the Dinner  Music be?

Dinner music should ideally be played at level's low enough for your guests to have a conversation but load enough to fill in the gaps in that conversation. .

What Style of Music Should I Play For Dinner?

The Style of music can be anything that you want however you should look at what type of atmosphere you are looking to have during this time and choose something appropriate.  It is also suggested that you pick up the tempo of the dinner music during the last 20 minutes of dinner to get your guests prepared for dancing.

Some Suggested Dinner Music Styles

-Modern Jazz (Norah Jones...)
-Classic Jazz (Louis Armstrong...)
-Crooner (Frank Sinatra...)
-Easy Listening

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